Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Exploring Inland

On the way into Tathra, we spotted the bird park, On the Perch and Ella was immediately desperate to visit. An opportunity to spend a few hours arose and we arrived at the bird park mid morning.

We were kept busy with the 6 exhibits including 4 walk in aviaries, and over 80 birds to view. An interesting and informative talk on Bush Stone-curlews was given by the owner. Ella spent her time taking lots of photos with the Satin Bower bird her favourite. Katy meanwhile enjoyed feeding and patting the chickens in the the chicken run!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Fun Times

Weather conditions were still rather cool so we were in no hurry to get down to the water. Instead Andy and I headed out for a mountain bike ride together while the kids hired bikes and rode around the caravan park.

Following a leisurely coffee, we made our way to Blue Pool at Bermagui. Nestled in at the base of a cliff, Blue Pool is a magical spot. Armed with snorkels and goggles, we were on the lookout for any form of marine life and were successful in spotting several types of fish in the deeper section. Occasionally a wave would crash over the concrete wall, filling the calm ocean pool with white water and bubbles - natures own spa! Al and Andy cranked out a few laps while the rest of us floated around enjoying the much warmer conditions than our last visit in April 2015!

After basking on the rocks to warm up, we retreated into town in search of the famous Gelati shop. On arrival, we were all devastated to see that it was no longer there, only to discover that the Bermagui Gelati Clinic had relocated to the wharf area! It was hard to narrow a decision down to two gelato flavours as there were so many yummy ones to choose from. 

Behind the shops, the local farmers markets had set up their produce. We purchased the world biggest cherries (yes the guy was joking Ella!), umm plums grown in Young and they were delicious. At the next stall, we were pleasantly surprise to bump into former Canberra orienteer Graham Turner, who some years ago had purchased and moved to a property in the area!

The afternoon had disappeared and so it was a quick stop for dinner supplies before driving back to Tathra. Post dinner, we enjoyed beachcombing as the sunset set.

Monday, March 12, 2018

No Beach Day

With the cool conditions continuing the beach was a no go zone today. Instead we dragged the kids (most reluctantly) to the pump track. A few laps quickly turned into a serious time trial firstly between the kids and then amongst the adults! Our route back to the caravan park took in a small section of single track. This choice resulted in numerous kids melting down at various points on this return journey! Some days are hardworking!! Lunch and quiet time was much needed!

After everyone had recovered sufficiently, we decided to beachcomb before climbing the headland and finishing at the Historic Tathra wharf. The Wharf Local cafe was a perfect spot for coffee, cake and cold drinks.

It was back up the hill for dinner at the newly renovated and very busy Tathra Hotel. An enjoyable meal was had with some of the gang choosing to walk home, watching the moon rise over the water.

Weather Closes In

The forecast for the week at Tathra looked not the greatest. Nevertheless, those with kids know they'll swim almost in any kind of weather! Today after the big boys returned from their morning mountain bike ride in the forest behind the caravan park, we headed down to the beach to make the most of the warmish conditions. A few hours later, the clouds rolled in and rain was on the horizon. Back to the caravan park we went, where after lunch, the kids continued to swim in the caravan parks heated pool before rain finally drove them out! The remainder of the day was whittled away indoors with phase 10 making an appearance.

Terrific Tathra

The final week of the school holidays was spent at the beach at Tathra. We opted to stay at the Big 4 caravan park in a 'Deluxe Polynesian' cabin. Despite not being the 'Best Caravan Park' in Australia (which was over the road), we were stoked with the location and facilities of the Big 4.

Our deluxe cabin was the perfect size for our family. Surrounded by hibiscus flowers, our cabin was located at the front of the park on the main road about 100m from the beach and adjacent a coffee shop! The Walter Jones household joined us too and their house was behind ours. What more could you ask for?

Our first afternoon was spent at the beach enjoying the sunshine and waves! All the kids were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Good Food... mostly!

Ella wanted to make gingerbread people by herself, so we left her to it. She did a great job even trying to decorate them! We all enjoyed nibbling on these although there was a strong bitter after taste. It wasn't until the next day, she realised that she left out the main ingredient - the ginger!!!

As for spoilt food, the gingerbreads weren't the only casualties. Despite trying to carefully and regularly check the nectarines, I managed to miss their prime. On realising that lots of the fruit was damaged due to insects, possums (who managed to get through the net) or being too ripe, I picked everything which ended up being quite a bit! Unable to eat the nectarines like they were, I cut the best bits off each one and stewed the fruit. It was delicious especially with yoghurt!

For the first time I've been successful in growing a crop of yummy cucumbers which the possums haven't discovered yet!

New Lease on Life

Cathy was quite disturbed about the lack of eyes, Ella's soft toys have. We have Pippa to thank for that - she had a thing as a younger pup to chew the eyes out of any soft toy left lying on the ground with many tears shed by the girls!

A little bit of eBay searching and new eyes were sourced! Then came time to fixing and restoring sight!  Jessi also had a nose job thanks to Nana's fine patching skills! Ella was excited :)